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The Finish Line

Congratulations! You're now a published author! Welcome to our special area designed just for you! In this section, you will find links to many important resources you will need to continue on your journey as a published author. Note: Many links will redirect you from this site to access information within your KDP account. You continue to those sites at your own risk. TJS Publishing House is not responsible for information, behavior, or consequences of visiting these links. Remember to not schedule any events for your book within 30 days of your publication. This allows you time to receive your books, learn how to use your KDP account, finalize your marketing, and finish any pre-sales. For additional questions about our 30-day requirement, refer to these sections of your contract:



KDP resources and information:


Here is the link to your dashboard


The link to the KDP account is 


*Please don't forget to change the password for your account. We will not access it again unless you decide to publish with us again or request assistance with your account.


KDP Terms and Conditions:


How to order author copies of your book:


How to manage your orders:






Banking and Taxes:


Customer reviews:


KDP help center (online):


How to contact KDP's customer service (chat/call):

How to unpublish or delete your book (but please let us know first!):


Within the next 30 days, your book will be promoted on our main page and the page indefinitely. It will also be posted on our social media pages.

Congratulations again and if you have any questions, please email us at or click here.

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