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TJS PUBLISHING HOUSE is a company specializing in traditional publishing and self-publishing. We take time to explain the self-publishing process, provide tools and resources, answer questions, and give customized advice to ensure our client's books are the best representation of their story. We approach each client's book as if it is our own. Most importantly, we don't dilute, diminish, or in any way change the voice or message of our client's work.  However, we fine-tune, clarify, and amplify our client's message to make it louder and clearer. 

About the Owner

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As a published author myself (with another book on the way),  I know how complicated, confusing and challenging it can be to write a book. Then you need someone you trust to complete the many steps to create it, navigate the  selections, rules, options and requirements for it, and then publish it. Let us help you put your heart on the page and deliver it to the world.

That's why TJS Publishing House is here!

Black Girl Winning! front cover.jpg

GET THESE WINS, SIS! Hey girl! Are you celebrating your wins? If not, you should be! This book will help you set goals and track wins. It can serve as a complementary journal while in therapy, track professional achievements for your CV or resume, and help you slow down and find the good things in your life. It can give you a way to reflect on how your life has changed, help you acknowledge your accomplishments, andshow your progress and encourage you to keep moving forward. No matter HOW you use it, USE IT! Celebrate just how awesome you are, sis! *Available in black and white and full color.

Affirmation Journal Vol. 1 front cover.jpg

Volume 1

The perfect
90-day lined journal is  all about for Black girls who "need" yet another journal to write in. Use the provided prompts or create your own. Write on, sis. Write on!
Available in 8.5" x 11" and 5" x 8".

Affirmation Journal Vol 2 FRONT COVER ver. 2 (5 x 8 in) (8.5 x 11 in).jpg

Volume 2

This 90-day lined journal is for Black girls who are experiencing a period of growth. This is the perfect area for reflection, self-evaluation, self-care, and self-esteem. Sis, look at how far you've come!
Available in 8.5" x 11" and 5" x 8".

Affirmation Journal Vol. 3 8.5 x 11 Front Cover.jpg

Volume 3
Creativity and Expression

It's time to express those beautiful, brown thoughts! No one is like you! Take time to relish that. Embrace that. Look at your beautiful brown self!

Available in 8.5" x 11" and 5" x 8".

Affirmation Journal Vol 4 5X8 FRONT COVER.jpg

Volume 4

Take What's yours! You are UNSTOPPABLE! You're full of all good things and it's your time to shine!
Available in 8.5" x 11" and 5"x8".


TONYA JOYNER How NOT to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18.jpg

With over 100 tips & tricks to keep the peace, keep your hair & keep everyone's sanity, this book is a great gift for parents of toddlers to teens! Whether dealing with bad behavior, communication issues or just the general climate or daily functionality of your house, this book is for you! Chapter 1 covers parenting basics, while chapters 2-7 have incredible tools for making your home a place you'll love again.

Mostly sunny book cover.jpg

My first book, Mostly Sunny...With a Chance of Clouds & Rain is a book for parents. It's for future moms, current moms & anyone who is playing the role of mom. It's a look into the heart & mind of a mom who was raised Old School but is now raising kids in the New School generation. With funny stories, thankful memories & heartfelt sentiments, this book will definitely delight & entertain you!

Markeshia Rochelle.jpg

Markeshia Rochelle
Singer, Songwriter,
Owner of Kei2Worship

Thrcough Christ, she has motivated and taught me to have confidence in myself through the strength of my Savior that I CAN do what He wants me to do!  I am reminded every day as I listen o the Spirit and hear her voice that I am further than I was yesterday with every step, lyric.  She has helped me recover 15 years of confidence I had lost ofver the years of comparing myself to others!

Corinna Conaway 2.jpg

Corinna Conaway

Photographer, Graphic Artist

Corinna Conaway Designs

Thanks to Tonya Joyner of TJS Publishing, opportunities have been put in front of me that I never thought possible! On top of helping organize my Graphic Design business structure, she has offered priceless insight on the industry, and helped open so many new doors. I highly recommended their (her) services if you are unsure of the direction in which to take your vision!

Tiffany Edwards.jpg

Tiffany Edwards
Educator, Business Consultant

Tonya was a great asset in showing me how to start my own business.  She provided me with unique tips that I haven't heard about when becoming an entrepreneur.  I appreciate her guidance throughout my journey!

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