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Dyani Sakara

Bruised but not Broken

Tonya and DJ Joyner are AMAZING! They are professional and courteous. They made each step of publishing Bruised But Not Broken a breeze. From day one they knew my vision and executed it very well!!! I would recommend them to every person I know because I can't imagine any other company doing a better job!


Thanks again


-Dyani Sakara



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Tangela White-Hinton


TJS Publishing House displayed phenomenal support to a new writer desiring to publish a project of faith.  The customer service was extraordinary and the work of her team provided assistance that was outstanding. Her faith and commitment to publishing works of excellence was vividly clear when working on this project. It is her desire to assist the writer with creating a vision for the book after consultation and prayer.

As a faith believer, I was thoroughly blessed to have my first project, a devotional - journal published by TJS Publishing House.

Tea Cooper

Dominate Your Career

It was a pleasure working with Tonya on both the 1st and 2nd edition of my book Dominate Your Career. I had no idea of what to expect when writing a book. All I knew was that I had material in my head that I needed to get out there for the benefit of those looking to get the job they wanted. Tonya gave me several options on how I could present my material to her. I sent over my manuscript and she finessed the process from there.


Tea Cooper


Melinda R. Graham

Moon Journal 1,

Moon Journal 2

Working with TJS Publishing House was a relief and pleasure. I was nervous about the whole process since I was in the middle of writing three journals. Tonya took the time to hear what my projects were about and take my drafts and make them what they are today-published journals. I appreciate the great pricing as well and option to pay off in increments it was very flexible for me and my limited income. I am pleased with my journals and my customers are as well. I look forward to working with Tonya on future projects as well. 



Melinda R. Graham


Demetrice Drake

When the Truth is a Lie,

Living in the Truth,

When the Truth Won't Set You Free

I just published my debut novel and it was a wonderful experience thanks to Tonya Joyner Speaks.  Her publishing services are phenomenal.  The services included editing, formatting, the book cover and excellent customer service.  She is very supportive and keeps you well informed through the whole process.


I can honestly say that I could not have done all of this myself.  If you're looking to get your work published, set up a consultation www.tonyajoyner.com.  I promise you won't be disappointed!  They can make it happen!


D. Drake


Racquelle Weaver

From Cancer to Purpose

I enjoyed working with the Joyners to edit and publish my book. Tonya is very kind and loving, it's like she takes you in as a family member of her own and guides you through pushing out one of your babies (your book)! Writing a book is a sacred process and you have to be able to put this work in the hands of someone you can trust. I was scared at first and I didn't know what to expect exactly but after our first consultation I knew I was making the right decision. Thank you for all you do!

Racquelle Weaver


Cryshaunda Rorie

Confessions from Cancer

I want to thank her for holding my hand through the process and pushing me along the way.  There wouldn't be a book without her. 


She is VERY affordable and has different publishing plans to choose from.  Without a doubt, I would recommend anyone interested in self-publishing to contact her.


C. Rorie


Keisha Simpson

Keisha's Khronicles

Tonya is a God-send. She is not only a friend, but a complete professional. She is the go-to for information on all of your business needs.


She has been such an inspiration and encourager to me for my blog and writing my book. She is a purpose-pusher in a class of her own.


If you need her to help with speaking engagements, 

book publishing, marketing, etccc..she is your person!!!


K. Simpson


Tammy Ford


Mrs. Joyner has proven to be a valuable resource in the two years our program has been in existence.  Mrs. Joyner presented workshops for the S.I.S.T.E.R.S program on two separate occasions.  Each time her insight and information regarding “Attire Etiquette” helped the students in the eventual pursuit of their goals.

T. Ford, Educator

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