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TJS PUBLISHING HOUSE is uniquely gifted in spoiling our clients. We take time to explain the self-publishing process, provide tools and resources, answer questions, and give customized advice to ensure our client's books are the best representation of their story. We approach each client's book as if it is our own. Most importantly, we don't dilute, diminish or in any way change the voice or message of our client's work.  We do, however, fine-tune, clarify, and amplify our client's message to make it louder and clearer. 

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  • Your book's length 
  • Your distribution channels (where your book is available)
  • Your paper color
  • Your font
  • Black & white or color print
  • Your deadline
  • Your payment frequency
  • Your payment dates
  • Your payment amounts
  • Your cover
  • Your book's dimensions
  • Your publish date
  • When to order your books
  • How many books to order
  • Your book's price
  • To pre-sell or not
  • To have a book launch or not

And much more...

Available Services:


Full cover design

Marketing options
Social media promotion
Author spotlight
Presale classes

Payment plans

Paperback self-publishing
E-book self-publishing
Hardback self-
Publish only packages
Print to e-book packages

ISBN registration & setup
International distribution
Pricing assistance
Book tour classes
And more...

Design Book

Publish according to YOUR schedule!

We do all the work, allowing you to focus on planning, promotion, and marketing. 

Our Clients Are:

  • Parents

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Full-time employees

  • Speakers

  • Authors

  • Corporations and Organizations

  • Full & Part-time Students

  • Educators

  • Health Professionals

  • Wellness instructors

  • ​​​​Professionals

  • Single parents

  • CEOs

  • Ministers

  • Musicians

And much more...

Asian Businesswoman
Self Publishing Tonya Joyner Speaks
Self Publishing Tonya Joyner Speaks
Man in Library

Cost Effective, High Quality, & Fast!

Since you won't have to buy pallets of books or spend thousands on getting published, you can focus on other things, like your book launch party, booking speaking engagements or your next big writing project!


We're also competitively priced,

saving you hundreds on publishing

and thousands on printing!

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