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ISBNs are a means to identify each version of a published work and are required for paperback/hardback books, e-books, and each version of your book. A "free" ISBN is included with packages for books published through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP, owned by Amazon). However, you MUST use them as your printer per their terms of use. If the author wants to use another printer, TJSPH HIGHLY SUGGESTS the author chooses to be their own publisher (a true self-publish) by purchasing their own ISBN ($125.00 for each title and version). ISBNs are available on It is highly recommended that Client obtains their own ISBN to use competitively priced print-on-demand companies and for their book to be sold in independent bookstores.


In the event the Client is in need of a new ISBN (due to changes in the interior that is deemed significant to Bowker), they are responsible for the purchase of the ISBN and its submission to TJSPH. TJSPH is not responsible for ISBNs that are not used or purchased properly by the Client.


However, if the author would like to be listed under a publishing company for professional reasons and wishes to have no restrictions on printing and retain all rights of ownership, ISBNs are available through TJSPH for $125.00. ISBNs purchased through TJSPH are set up at no additional charge. TJSPH does not collect royalties and does not put printing or other restrictions on the Client or their books. Client retains ownership of copyright, trademarks, content, sales, royalties, and available printing options. Client retains full responsibility of Book.


Paperback print book ISBN, setup included $125.00      (requires a minimum of 24 pages)

E-Book ISBN, setup included $125.00

Hardback print book ISBN, setup included $125.00 (75-550 pages)


Please refer to your contract for full details


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